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Hajj & Umrah Service

The Hajj package is for 35 days, comprising : (16 days in Mecca, 5 days Fariz Hajj Baitullah, 8 days Medina Munnawara and 1-2 days for travel/rest).

This includes the following:
  • Hajj return air fare
  • Endorsement of Hajj / Umrah Visa
  • Accommodation
  • Moellim fees
  • Local Transportation during Hajj
  • Food, snacks
  • Ziarat of the holy places in Medina Munnawara
Umra Package
Akbar Travels of India enjoys the permission from the Ministry of External Affairs, Saudi Arabia to operate as umrah tour operator in India. Akbar Travels of India organizes Hajj pilgrimage for the devoted at a reasonable price. The company offer elaborate infrastructure, own accommodation, hygienic food and comfortable travel arrangements, both at the point of origin and in Mecca, for approximately 2500 to 3000 pilgrims every year.
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