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Benzy Transport Corporation
Benzy Transport Corporation is an Akbar Group Company, engaged in goods transportation.  Road transport plays a vital role in the progress of the country by speedy delivery of different types of material like life saving medicines, industrial products, essential commodities, general goods, textiles, electrical goods etc. to all the nooks and corners of the country.  More than 75% of the goods movements are by road to villages, towns and cities in all parts of India.
As industries are flourishing and human needs are touching the sky, distribution systems require to be refined by quick and time-bound delivery service.  It becomes necessary to have an efficient and reliable service provider to meet this need.  The unmatched service provided by Benzy Transport Corporation with a most economical freight charge structure has helped us to become a trusted name in the field of goods transportation.
Benzy Transport Corporation provides round-the-clock service to win the total satisfaction and confidence of the customers, ranging from small shopkeepers to multi-national companies.  We ply miles and miles, day and night, summer or rain, facing the threat of natural calamities, theft and robberies enroute, but do not make any compromise on timely delivery to the customers.
From Mumbai, Surat  and Bangalore we operate to all over Kerala.  A large fleet of our own trucks as well as other attached vehicles and well trained drivers are our assets and the reason for our high quality of service.
Our Motto:  Tireless drive and time-bound delivery.
Contact Us
Benzy Transport Corporation (Regd.) Tel:  2344 0160 / 23440161
51 Kazi Sayed Street, Masjid West Email: btc@akbartravels.in
Mumbai 400 003 Website: www.akbartravels.in  (please click on the link for the respective site)
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