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Akbar Travels Online

In keeping with the changing times, Akbar Travels of India launched the online travel portal, www.akbartravelsonline.com. Extensive selection of air tickets, hotel bookings, car rental, bus tickets, train e-tickets and holiday packages are available on the website 24x7 for the convenience of the passengers who prefer to make their travel bookings online.   This is really a one-stop-shop for all travel needs.  In the travel portal you can find information, pricing, availability and booking facility for all travel related services.

Why Akbar Travels Online is unique?
Akbar Travels Online as a travel portal is unique in many ways because, it is promoted by India's No.1 travel company, Akbar Travels of India Pvt. Ltd.  Akbar Travels has made a name for itself by providing air tickets and other travel services at most economic rates to its customers. Akbar Travels of India, because of its extensive network of branches and high volume of business, enjoy special discounts and preferential rates with the suppliers such as Airlines, Hotels and other operators.   We at Akbar Travels Online strive to provide the same advantage of most economic rates to our online customers.
Apart from an efficient and well equipped website, we also support customers with our huge network of branches and franchises across India as well as in the Middle East. We currently have 73 branches in 11 different States in India. You can drop into the branch nearest to you any time and our staff will be happy to serve you.  This branch support to our customers all over India is a unique benefit when you book with Akbar Travels Online.
Contact Us
Tel: 022 40996000  
Email: support@akbartravelsonline.com  
Website: www.akbartravelsonline.com  (please click on the link for the respective site)  
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