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Benco Coconut Oil

Benco Coconut oil brings the goodness and purity of coconut oil from God's own country.  In an effort to counter adulteration in the coconut oil market and to make pure coconut oil available in the country, Akbar Group ventured to the Food & Beverage industry by launching the company – Benzy Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Benco coconut oil is a trusted brand name that is synonymous with purity.  This product has received the AGMARK approval from Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.  The Company has also obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification for its management and manufacturing process.
Benco coconut oil is manufactured in the modern plant at Ponnani, Kerala under stringent hygienic conditions. Best quality Malabar copra (dry coconut) is fed into the oil extraction machines through conveyers.  Benco coconut oil is so pure that it can be used for various purposes like cooking, body massage and application on hair and scalp.  It can also be used in open lamps as it does not result in a smoky flame.
Contact Us
Factory Mumbai
Ponnani, Malappuram Dist, 1st Floor, M.J.Phule Market
Kerala. Pin – 679586 (Crawford Market)
Tel: 0495 2664444 Mumbai 400 001
  Tel: 022 23423142
Website: www.benco.in   (please click on the link for the respective site)
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